Abriginal art paintings

Our ESO 4 students are creating aboriginal art paintings in groups... for the exhibition in the SCHOOL!!!


We are doing a project on Australia about the stolen generations. We are learning about australian-aboriginal history, culture, art... in different ways. Our ESO4 students are enjoying it a lot.
Here you can see a few pictures in the classrooms! You can also watch the video our students watched in class: https://youtu.be/_fNvEm8wlPw

 'National Sorry Day' President of Australia apologizing the 'Stolen Generations'


We have a NEW PROJECT in our school!!! It is called GEP (Grup Experimentació al Plurilingüisme). The idea is that our students in Pre-school, Primary and Secondary school LEARN as much English as possible in different subjects (Art, Science, Social studies...)

So far three teachers are taking a training course about new methodologies! Maria Lopez (a primary teacher), Laura Garcia (a secondary teacher) and Marta Gomez (head of the English Department). Three more teachers are part of this group to encourage the use of English in the school: Mari Carmen Blanco (the headmaster), Maria Valls (pre-school English teacher) and Annabel Mancera (secondary teacher)

We are going to tell you a little bit more about it!!!
  • Our school trips are in English! theatre plays, puppets, magic shows, gymkhanas and the cinema. Also, our camps are in English (P5, 2nd grade, 4th and 6th grade)... and a trip to an English spoken country at the end of the school year in ESO 4 (England or Ireland)
  • We are part of the Sharing to learn project with the American School and every year we have language assistants. This year, our students in P5 and 4th grade are practising their English with a native speaker student from the American School!
  • Our Project time subject in Secondary school gives the chance to meet up with the primary students to do some collaborative learning. Our older students create games, role plays, puppets, short stories in English for the little ones to perform it for them! In this blog you can see some pictures about these encouraging activities!
  • Arts and crafts in 1st grade by Maria Lopez. The project is called 'Follow your line, create your shape'
  • E-twinning from 3rd to 6th grade. Maria Valls and her students have contact with a school in Turkey to run this project. The students share topics, experiences and they learn from each other!
  • Laboratory in English! in ESO1, ESO2 and ESO3 by Laura Garcia
  • Also, Laura is running her project with the ESO2 students called 'Sound and light, waves around us' in Physics
  • Scientific culture in ESO4 by Laura Garcia. Students learn about scientific methods, environmental issues and healthcare and illnesses.
  • ESO 1 students have an optional subject to create a school digital E-magazine in English run by Marta Gómez
  • ESO 2 students have an optional subject about social studies called 'Unity and diversity'. They study  similarities between the Republicans of the Spanish civil war and the refugees' crisis nowadays through different projects, by Marta Gómez
  • ESO 3 students take an english workshop called 'To be an entrepeneur' run by an external teacher.
  • Some international topics in ESO 4 in the Social Science subject are studied in English, by Annabel Mancera.
  • Our secondary students have a cinema club and all grades watch an original version film at the end of every term to be followed by discussion activities in the classroom.
  • French in secondary school as an optional subject. The teacher is Anabel Lopez and at the end of the school year our ESO3 students participate in an exchange programme with a French school located in Torfou. The french students will spend a week here in May enjoying our culture with our students, the school and our families. Our students are visiting them in June for a week too. They've been in touch throughout the school year so they kind of know each other and they can´t wait to meet up!!!

Project time ESO 4 and 5th grade

Yesterday, our ESO 4 students played a few of the games they have created for the 5th grade students.

 The Goose Game
                              How to make sentences...
                                                           Game of cards
                                                                                        Word search



Our students in BAT are preparing two theatre plays for the pre-school children and 1st and 2nd graders. The plays will be performed in the school! We have been doing this project for a few years and it has been a great experience so far!!!

The dates are as follows:

  • 1st show (30th May)
3pm: P4 and P5
4pm: 1st grade and 2nd grade

  • 2nd show (1st June)
3pm: P4 and P5
4pm: 1st grade and 2nd grade

Shakespeare's play ESO 1 students


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